Two More Suha Arin Documentaries Are On DVD

Suha Arın'ın İki Belgeseli Daha DVD'deThe great director of Turkish documentary films, Suha Arin, originally shot "Fatma Of The Forest" and "Dolmabahçe Palace and Atatürk" in 35 mm. These films are now available to viewers in digital format.

Made in 1979 "Fatma Of The Forest" tells the story of a 12 year old girl, and her life 2,000 meters above sea level in the Taurus Mountains. The harsh conditions of mountains of life reveal the longings and subconscious fears of the protagonist. On behalf of the Forestry Ministry, the chopping of trees and the transportation of logs without any social security for these workers; the documentary reveals the hardships faced by this group of workers. Aside from the regular day to day lives of the woodcutters, one of the more important aspects of their folklore, the Semah play is also documented.

"Dolmabahçe Palace and Ataturk" was realised in 1981. The research phase of the project took a year to complete while the filming was completed in three months. The documentary shows the famous palace and its intricate architectural features in detail. The history of the palace from the Ottoman period to the period of Ataturk is contrasted throughout the film. The work was directed by Suha Arin, the narrative prepared by Celik Gulersoy and the music was arranged by Nevit Kodalli.

The DVDs contain both Turkish and English menus and subtitles in a range of languages including Turkish, English, German, French and Japanese. The DVDs also have scene selection and extra material options which include photograph albums, trailers of other documentaries and interviews with the director and film crew.

Arin dedicated his working life to the documentation of Turkey’s cultural treasures for both local and international audiences. His 40-year long career produced more than 30 individual works. With the restoration of these works, MTV presents them to a new generation and thus ensures awareness regarding cultural heritage is passed on.