Forty Thousand Steps in the Covered Bazaar

Forty Thousand Steps in the Covered Bazaar Director: Suha Arin
Assistant Director: Ali Ozdamar
Director of Photography: Hasan Ozgen
Camera: Savas Guvezne
Editor: Unsal Altinbas, Bilge Can
Music by: Yalcin Tura
Script by: Celik Gulersoy
Narrator: Sureyya Arin
Duration: 29 min.
Format: 16 mm Film
Production Year: 1980

The Covered Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) is a 500-year-old hope chest of the city Istanbul which has a three-thousand-year past in the place where Europe meets with Asia. Resembled to a tiny town with its four thousand stores, eleven khans and more than fifty streets, the Covered Bazaar is like a mirror, reflecting the yesterday and today of Istanbul.

The Covered Bazaar, the construction of which began during the period of Fatih in the 15th century, consisted of just two bedestens at the begining, but as the centuries passed it has acquired its today’s form by enlarging around a core area. This great architecture which reflected the whole wealth of the empire during the Ottoman period, with the precious presents coming from every corner of the world, was also a Anatolian bazaar where the unknown craftsmen exhibited their handicrafts. Nowadays, every day hundred kilos of gold are passed into other hands, processed and get new forms in the Covered Bazaar, the name of which associates with the gold.

In this documentary, as the story of The Covered Bazaar is told by a sherbet maker who marched the bazaar up and down by taking 40.000 steps everyday, the artisanship and traditions inherited from the craftsmen to their apprentices for centuries are also emphasized.

The Forty Thousand Steps In The Covered Bazaar won the "Jury’s Special Award" of the "Vienna Tourism Films Festival" in 1985.

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