Safranbolu: Reflections of Time

Safranbolu: Reflections of Time Producer and Director: Suha Arin
Assistant Directors: Sezer Akarcali, Nesli Colgecen, Kemal Sevimli, Yalcin Yelence
Camera: Umit Gulsoy
Editor: Bilge Can
Music Arrangement: Kutlu Payasli
Script by: Celik Gulersoy
Narrator: Sureyya Arin, Macide Tanir
Duration: 40 min.
Format: 35 mm Film
Production Year: 1976

In 1976, Suha Arin was a lecturer at the faculty of Social Sciences of Ankara University at the Press and Publishing Department (today’s Communication Faculty). Like many of his films, the documentary "Safranbolu: Reflections of Time" was filmed with the help of a group of enthusiastic students.

Safranbolu presents some of the few surviving examples of striking traditional Turkish architecture. The beauty of houses as well as the negative impacts of the passage of time are reflected in the documentary "Safranbolu: Reflections of Time" one of the aims of the film was to raise public awareness of the need for protection for culture and nature.

In 1977, the Culture Ministry declared Safranbolu to be a "Historic Site" and in 1995 UNESCO declared the area to be a World Heritage Site. Therefore, making the area not just ours but joint heritage with all the world.

At the 1977 Antalya Film Festival "Safranbolu: Reflections of Time" was chosen "Best Documentary Film" and won the Golden Orange Prize.

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