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MTV film crew at a shooting

"…Such that developed countries who produce this technology have unintended consequences of cultural bombarding countries who have not yet developed the same broadcast technology. This creates problems for the protection and development of national cultural heritage and identity. However, the richness and variety of culture throughout the world is the joint heritage of all mankind. For peace to prevail, this must be recognized." (UNESCO International Communications Seminar Report, 1983)

MTV A.S. aims to protect, cherish and promote the cultural heritage of Turkey, provide solutions and support for producers and directors in the cinema – television industry which is lacking in infrastructure, provide a modern approach with the establishment of "corporate identity, corporate image, product and service publicity."

With these core aims, MTV was founded in 1983 and from this date to today has produced promotional cultural films for Turkish and later international markets. The headquarters of the company is located in the Gayrettepe district of Istanbul.

MTV was founded by the great pioneer of Turkish documentary cinema Suha Arin in 1983 and was director of the company until his death in 2004. Following Arin’s death, keeping true to the core principles of MTV, the company has undertaken the role of promoting Arin’s work and making them available in digital format.

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