When the Fog Dispelled

When the Fog Dispelled Director: Suha Arin
Assistant Director ve Editor: Cahit Seymen
Camera: Turhan Yavuz
Music by: Nadir Gokturk
Narrator: Sureyya Arin
Duration: 41 min.
Format: 35 mm Film
Production Year: 1986

"When the Fog Dispelled" was the first in the documentary series "Old Houses Old Masters". The film begins with what is now a rarely seen ritual of children chasing fog away. This ceremony is unique to the Eastern Blacksea region. Directed by Suha Arin, "When the Fog Dispelled" reveals how the traditional architecture of the Eastern Blacksea region disbands fog and how the last of the old artisans use materials unique to the area to create this architecture.

In areas with abundant with larger tree species, the old masters of the Eastern Blacksea utilize the "ahşap yiğma" technique. The craftsmen talk about the other techniques they utilise such as: "karaboğaz", "hartama", "kurtbogaz", "gozdolma", "muska", "cakatura" and "bagdadi".

Inside the provinces of Trabzon, Rize and Artvin, settlements stretching from the seashore to meadows 3,000 metres above sea level meadows. With ages ranging from 64 to 104, the film "When the Fog Dispelled" documents nine artisans who constructed many of these houses. Also revealing aspects of traditional Eastern Blacksea life.