Until Eternity

Director: Suha Arin
Director of Photography: Ilhan Arakon
Camera: Turhan Yavuz
Editor: Cahit Seymen
Music by: Turgay Erdener
Narrator: Sureyya Arin, Sacit Onan (TR), Ian Shears (EN), Alain Laurenceau (FR)
Duration: 180 min. (6 parts)
Format: 35 mm Film
Production Year: 1988

The "Until Eternity" documentary, which was prepared in commemoration of the 1988 International Mimar Sinan Year, reflects the life and works of the great architect. It is composed of six parts, each lasting half an hour.

Many experts in Arabic, Persian and Ottoman languages, architects, art historians and social antropologists worked for The Mimar Sinan Research Center which was founded within MTV for the preparation of the documentary. The Center mainly dealt with the life and structural activities of Mimar Sinan and held comparative studies on Ottoman administrators who lived in the same era while analysing the political, social, economical and cultural events in Europe and Asia. More than ten thousand information tags were prepared for this purpose.

The "Until Eternity" documentary was completed in a year and a half with shootings held in more than thirty provinces covering a total distance of 40,000 km within the Turkish borders. Shootings were also held in Greece, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Syria.

"Until Eternity" received the "Jury Special Award" at the 1989 Lausanne International Film Festival on Architecture and Urbanization, the "Architecture Award" at the 1990 UNESCO International Art Films Competition and the "Council of Europe Special Award" at the 1990 Bordeaux Festival of Films on Architecture and Urban Planning.

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