The Works of Suha Arin on DVD

Suha Arın (1982)The pioneering work of Suha Arin spanning a four-decade long career and that has shaped Turkish documentary cinema, are now available in digital format under the title of "A Suha Arin Documentary". The majority of the works were originally made in 35 mm film and have been digitally restored for today’s audience. The DVDs are available in many languages and have subtitles. Additional material has also been made available to local and foreign audiences for the first time, including, slides, notes, behind the scenes footage.

The DVD series, "A Suha Arin Documentary", contains both an English and a Turkish menu and subtitles on Turkish, English, German, French and Japanese. The DVDs also have scene selection, interviews with the crew and director, photograph albums and trailers of other documentaries.

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The Ballad of the Wood Istanbul the Golden City Ayasofia (Hagia Sophia) Dolmabahce Palace and Ataturk Until Eternity Re-evaluation of Sinan Through Huseyin Anka
Forty Thousand Steps in the Covered Bazaar Chora Safranbolu: Reflections of Time Fatma of the Forest Topkapi Palace Istanbul Films Collection