The Suha Arın Culture & Arts Center Has Opened

The Suha Arın Culture & Arts Center has Opened

Located in the historic bazaar quarter of Safranbolu in the Mektepciler Mansion, displays the many of the tools utilized by Suha Arin to make the film "Safranbolu: Reflections of Time" in 1975. Various awards received by the director for this particular documentary are also on display.

Nurullah Cakir, the Provincial Governor, during his opening speech stated that Arin and his prize winning documentary "Safranbolu: Reflections of Time" had major effects in the preservation and awareness of historic buildings and architecture throughout Turkey. The importance of the documentation of historic works for future generations was expressed by Cakir:

"To bring Safranbolu from the past into the future has weighed heavily and will continue to do so on the shoulders of local authorities. Both our old and new Mayors are with us. The torch will continue to be passed from one generation to the next. I would like to thank everyone whose efforts have made this center possible and would like to remind us that the opening of such facilities is only one step; keeping this alive is key."

The ribbon of the Suha Arin Culture & Arts Center was jointly cut by the Governor Nurullah Çakir, Member of Parliament Mehmet Ceylan, the Mayor Necdet Aksoy and the brother of Suha Arin, Reha Arin.

Speaking on behalf of his older brother, Reha Arin thanked everyone whose hard work made the Suha Arin Culture & Arts Center possible. He went on to add: "My brother always dreamed of settling in Safranbolu after retirement. With the opening of this center, my brother will always be here."

Alongside officials, work colleagues, students, members of the media and communications faculty, directors and personal friends such as journalist Coşkun Aral saw the new center on its inaugural day.

News Date : 28.09.2009
News Editor : Karabük Governorship Press Office
News Source : Karabük Governorship